The Monochrome Chronicle Issue 4

The Monochrome Chronicle Issue 4

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ISSUE 4 : AC/DC, France, The Swedish Wedding 

Black And White band! Black And White photos! A no brainer really.

16" x 11.5" black & white photo book.   This exquisite binder of paper and ink is THE MONOCHROME CHRONICLE. It contains (you guessed it) black and white images and words from Yours Truly, all-time-fave-international-stand-up-guys-and-rock-sensations The Hives. The idea with the TMC is to well... Discover different corners of Hive Manor; See the Hives crowd as they await their heroes; See The Hives play scrabble or enjoy a cold lager. To show off The Hives in all our motionless Black and White glory in images that may not be accessible to the average Joe/Jane, and have The Hives write a few words to go along while we’re at it.